Working on a Saturday

Posted on Sat, 11 May 2024 by midcenturyjo

It’s like I say week in week out. If you have to drag yourself into work on a weekend it helps if it’s somewhere stylish. 320 Rokeby by Rezen.

Photography by Jack Lovel.

“Stepping into this 19th-century apartment, refurbished in the 1980s, in Lisbon. Across 120 square meters of living space, the fusion of old-world charm with 20th-century allure creates a unique country side house atmosphere. A cozy 50 square meter garden adds to the sense of serenity. In this eclectic setting, inspired by travels near and far, objects  various cultures and historical periods, create a rich mix of diverse influences. The blend of contemporary flair and vintage charm evokes the warmth and comfort.”

One of my favourite interior design firms does it again. Estrela by Barracuda Interiors. Love!

Photography by Daniel Schäfer.

Nestled in inner-city Sydney’s scenic streets, Chapel House blends personal style with architectural heritage. Vibrant colours contrast with gothic archways salvaged from a 19th-century church. FURNISHD rejuvenated the living space with sage tones, anchoring the palette with a bespoke ‘pea chair’ and vintage sideboard. Entertainment spaces blend modern and vintage elements, creating a dynamic, personalized ambience that balances sophistication and playfulness.


Coastal charm on Cap Ferret

Posted on Wed, 8 May 2024 by midcenturyjo

Oh to have a holiday home on France’s Cap Ferret. With fine sandy beaches, dense pine forest, calm sea on one side of the peninsula and crashing Atlantic breakers on the other it’s a chic yet casual resort epitomised by this stylish beach cabin by ADC Studio. A mix of vintage and modern, mid-century and found the house is perfect for sandy feet and family fun.

Photography by David Duchon-Doris.

“Picture a young family of globetrotters who recently settled in the land of bikes and canals, seeking a home that’s both timeless and fun. This nomadic family of four wanted to revel in vibrant colours and playful spaces that spark joy and curiosity. From kicking back in the music room – records playing – to entertaining their tribe, this was the perfect place to lay down some memories. As usual, we gathered from a global black-book of both new and vintage gems, including unique finds from local Dutch artisans, to create an atmosphere that’s truly one of a kind.”

From layers of neutral textures, pops of colour and carefully collated furniture details emerges a fun, fresh family home in Amsterdam. Dutch Quarter by Melbourne-based Sally Caroline.

Photography by Kasia Gatkowska.