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A renovated apartment in Copenhagen

Posted on Sun, 2 Sep 2018 by KiM

I’m loving the energy in this eclectic 1898 home in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen belonging to Cathrine and Anders de Lichtenberg that I spotted on Architectural Digest Mexico. As the story goes, it was completely renovated (kitchen became a bathroom, living room became a kitchen…) and is now a contemporary space filled with statement pieces of furniture, such as a Arne Jacobsen Series 7 dining chairs, a Vertigo pendant by Constance Guisset, Poul Kjaerholm PK22 chairs, a Romeo Rega table, a Hans Wegner Flag Halyard chair, a FOS diamond table etc. Also, this may be my favourite pink kitchen.

Photos: Martin Solyst

If you love the colour blue…

Posted on Mon, 27 Aug 2018 by KiM

If you love the colour blue, then this Georgian four story townhome in Holland Park by London-based architecture and interior design firm Studio Indigo is for you. Multiple shades of blue can be found in just about every room of this home. I love that they’ve maintained many of the original details in this home during renovations and have updated it to be current and functional. And as not a big fan of blue, I may now be converted. 🙂

See more of Studio Indigo’s work here

Sometimes it’s all about the glorious cacophony of colour. Pink and green and blue and yellow. A joyful celebration of the “non” monochromatic by Briony Fitzgerald Design. Don’t you just love it!

Working on a Saturday

Posted on Sat, 18 Aug 2018 by midcenturyjo

I’ll say it once.
I’ll say it twice.
Have to go to work on the weekend?
The office better be nice.

Like these offices in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris by Maison Sarah Lavoine.

When neutrals have you feeling blue

Posted on Wed, 8 Aug 2018 by midcenturyjo

As much as I like an almost minimalist neutral room, a zen like space with rich textures and desaturated hues, deep down my heart belongs to colour and pattern and details. Now if I could just live in this Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse room by Frampton Co life would be just about perfect.