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Bright and bold kitchen

Posted on Tue, 31 Mar 2009 by KiM

I saw this today on a local paper’s website (Ottawa Citizen) and had to share it. How gorgeous is this apple (or acid) green kitchen?!?! It is Daniel and Helene Gauthier’s kitchen in their 2 bedroom, 850 sq ft downtown condo. (Perhaps it is so fab because Daniel is senior kitchen designer for Potvin Kitchen & Bath). They are very brave to have such a bold colour used so abundantly in their kitchen. Fantastic!!

Planting a little retro

Posted on Mon, 23 Feb 2009 by midcenturyjo

House plants are becoming an all consuming passion of mine. I find myself dragging home little pots from the supermarket and losing myself in green envy just outside the hardware store. Today’s retro deliciousness is fitting then Interior Decorating with Plants, by Carla Wallach, Macmillan Publishing, New York, 1976. And please no comments on the phallic symbolism of that cactus in the bedroom!

The new must have – greenery

Posted on Tue, 20 Nov 2007 by midcenturyjo

Have you noticed that house plants are back? Not just your designer orchid but potted plants. Even bunches of flowers are being replaced by leaves and branches. I haven’t seen this much greenery inside since the 80s and it’s a trend I’d love to see continue. I’m currently tending three maiden hair ferns in my bathroom and all four of us are loving the group showers. OK too much information.

Caldwell-Beebe Aimee Herring
Steven Randazzo Arbogast Design
Arbogast Design Annie Schlecter
Kim Cornelison Steven Randazzo
Sacha Dunn Cindy Ray
Tria Giovan John Gruen

P.S. Why this post now? I came home to find that my body corporate had cut down a 60 year old tree that overshadowed my courtyard. Why? Because we are suffering a very serious drought here and the tree roots had found their way into the pipes. Sad that the cheapest option was chosen. It’s an ugly scar now. Bye bye tree.

More green

Posted on Mon, 29 Oct 2007 by KiM

My twin sister moved into her first home about six months ago and to my horror painted most of her main floor white. She finally came to her senses and decided the space needed colour. She thought green would work best with her furniture, and had a particular green in mind.

She loved the green in Nick Olsen‘s apartment pictured above. According to Nick, it’s high-gloss Oregano by Benjamin Moore. My sister went with semi-gloss, and the results are fabulous. So fabulous I had to post about it. She wants to get some accents in yellow, and I told her she should try and find a zebra print rug because Nick’s looks AMAZING. I also suggested she paint out the baseboards in the wall colour or even black because the white stands out too much against the green and the floors. The space has alot of potential now that there’s some colour going on. Below are some before and after photos of her living/dining area.

Colorless green ideas sleep furiously

Posted on Thu, 25 Oct 2007 by KiM

The title of this post is a phrase composed by Noam Chomsky that essentially means nothing. It does however have the word “green” in it, and this post is about rooms with lovely green walls, because the other day a reader left a comment that photos of green rooms were hard to come by. I had a few stashed away…

Civility Design Civility Design
Elle Deco Billiani 1911
PointClickHome Domino
Better Homes and Gardens Adrienne Labelle
Scott Sanders Greg Natale
Marie Claire Maison Casamance