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How do you take a historic 1870’s home and create an addition and gut remodel, yet have everything look as if it has always been there?
Inspiration: The romance of New Orleans courtyards, 1870’s victorian architecture, a healthy dose of color, and a splash of modernity come together to create a family home that’s steeped in history yet totally fresh.

I am sooooo in awe of the unparalleled and glamorous approach Summer Thornton took to her historic home. That peach/pink library is soooooooo gorgeous I am going to go out on a limb and say it’s one of my all-time favourite rooms. Photos: Melanie Acevedo and Werner Straube

A designer’s inviting home in London

Posted on Mon, 23 Jan 2023 by KiM

The home of Belsize Park, London home of designer Georgina Cave of Cave Interiors is giving all the comfortable, homey vibes. A little bit dare I say “masculine” and mid-century with a kitchen that isn’t all white so I am completely in love. (Photos: Paul Massey)

Montréal and New York based designer Garrow Kedigian hates white interiors, and therefore I love him. I featured his Montréal townhouse several years ago and it was evident then colours were his thing, but as time passed it has become more and more evident he reigns over colour like not many others. Case in point, this Upper East Side apartment that is awash in mostly shades of blue and have fun accent colours like a large orange sectional. Kudos for Garrow making such a splash with this project. Photos: Trevor Parker.

There’s nothing more gratifying than working with a homeowner ready to take creative leaps of faith with you. So, when a beloved (and fellow creative) client purchased a 1920’s Spanish home in Atwater Village and asked us to turn her guest house into a sassy writer’s shack, we hit the drawing board/completely blank canvas right away. Full trust in the process and a willingness to take all sorts of design risks with us, our client was down for coating every surface in super saturated hues, ample textures, and inspiring patterns. Such a no-holds-bar approach meant that the kitchen concept was born overnight (like, Caitlin had a dream and it was this exact kitchen that we re-created in real life) and the other spaces (reading room, office, and bathroom) followed quick on its tail. The small guest house is now a larger-than-life office-away-from-office that leaves visitors jaws on the floor and provides a daily pick-me-up to the lovely lady who writes there.
This may win a prize for prettiest tiles in one project. Talk about huge impact! Another fabulously courageous project by Black Lacquer Design. Photos: Jessica Alexander.

As is sadly often the case with homes of its era in Los Angeles, the kitchen and bathroom were completely gutted at some point and filled with builder-grade finishes unaligned with the inherent architecture of the home. On such jobs, our modus operandi is to reinfuse the spaces with details that harken back to the very best elements of the home’s original style while weaving in timeless touches of both modern life and the personality of the homeowner. In the bathroom, this method resulted in an eclectic, feminine heart-to-heart between the unruly imperfections of the handmade and the more orderly lines of the meticulously tailored. And what else could come from such a love story but a blue dream of a bathroom fit for a mermaid?

Bel Air contemporary

Posted on Wed, 11 Jan 2023 by KiM

Collaborating closely with the sellers, a luxury real estate development team, we worked swiftly to pivot the initial neutral-hued, crowd-pleasing design direction into something tailored, uncommon and artful – saturating the detailed interior architecture throughout with the most delightfully satisfying color palette, show-stopping surfaces, gorgeous light fixtures, plenty of pattern, and a rich collection of modern and vintage furnishings.
Now THIS is how you make a statement. Channel some Hollywood Regency, some Kelly Wearstler and you have an eye-popping home that will be the envy of the neighbourhood. By Black Lacquer Design. Photos: Jessica Alexander.