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A designer’s inviting home in London

Posted on Mon, 23 Jan 2023 by KiM

The home of Belsize Park, London home of designer Georgina Cave of Cave Interiors is giving all the comfortable, homey vibes. A little bit dare I say “masculine” and mid-century with a kitchen that isn’t all white so I am completely in love. (Photos: Paul Massey)

I never want it to feel as if everything was purchased at once. I’d rather it look more like an evolution. The blues, watery greens, and pale purples of the garden felt fresh, especially with all the browns of the wood in the house. It was nice to create a family-friendly piece of work that’s elegant but not too precious.
Always and forever a fan of Frances Merrill of Reath Design and her impeccable way of using colour and pattern and vintage together in ways no one else does. Photos: Laure Joliet.

This is a peek inside Liz’s house, an ever-morphing, creative study, always in-progress. There is no finish line, or complete. It could be photographed again today and it would be different. Very little is new or store bought. Many pieces are from Liz’s late mother who was a collector and designer. Other items are hand-me-downs from friends, scores from second hand shops, antique shows, craigslist and the side of the road. There’s nostalgia and a story in most every piece. And yet, nothing is precious. Kids climb on all the furniture. The dog thinks the coffee table is a dog bed. The dining table hosts lego building sessions one night and dinner parties for 12 the next. Nicks and breaks, stains and tears are part of this house’s story. Everything is replaceable but the people and pets who call this place home …  a mom, three boys, 1 dog, 1 rabbit, 1 mouse and a hermit crab.
Family living at its finest. Also love that this home is filled with nothing purchased ‘new’. Designed by Austin, TX based Liz MacPhail.

Villa Cali

Posted on Thu, 5 Jan 2023 by KiM

 “To the studs” renovation of an iconic 1971 New Formalist home on a half-acre waterfront lot in Preston Hollow (Dallas, Texas).  This home remained in mostly original condition, allowing for a blank canvas of well-preserved details and room for imagination. We paid careful attention to the original architect’s design intent, as well as studied photographs of the home from the 1970s to understand how the home was decorated and functioned in its early years.  Our goal was to preserve key design elements while making the home functional for today. Our design solution is a Maximalist interior design full of patterns, textures, a mixture of glossy and matte finishes, and big impact statements.  Inspired by Hollywood and Palm Springs glamour and destinations around the globe, the spaces are curated with heirloom pieces, Maestri originals, and beautiful objects and original art to make the spaces feel as personal as possible.
This is EXACTLY what this home called for. Nothing too serious, graphic and playful. Designed by Maestri Studio. (Photos: Nathan Schroeder; Styling: Jenny O’Connor)

A floral design studio

Posted on Mon, 5 Dec 2022 by midcenturyjo

From an old garage to a beautiful workspace Seattle-based designer Katie LeClercq has created a magical space for creating, a welcoming space for clients and friends and an inspiring space for photoshoots. Supremely practical and definitely chock a block full of ideas for kitchens as well as studios.

Photography by Kara Mercer