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Posted on Fri, 19 Feb 2021 by midcenturyjo

White on white with natural elements, Mediterranean accents, the blue of the sky and sea, treasures from travels. It all comes together in the coastal holiday home of interior designer Carlos Serra of Mercader de Indias. Light, bright and cool.

I have been following Austin, Texas based designer Kristin Laing for some time now on Instagram (I think it was her kitchen that reeled me on – more on that below) so I figured it was about time I feature her work here on the blog. This is the house she lived in for 8 years, until she sold it a few months ago and has since moved into a new place. She shared some really incredible before (from the MLS listing) and afters on her blog and they were so insanely good I had to share. Let’s dig in!

She gave a very detailed resource list in her blog post if you’re wondering what her sources are. After photos by Brian Cole.

Drama and personality in a Chicago home

Posted on Mon, 8 Feb 2021 by KiM

A newly built home can be daunting to decorate – that blank slate of white and very neutral finishings. That didn’t stop designer Sarah Vaile from throwing caution to the wind in this Chicago home and painting out several spaces black and using wallpaper and a gorgeous medium dark cyan. Keeping the sleeping and bath spaces white creates a more relaxing vibe and differentiates that zone.

Revisiting Betsy Brown

Posted on Thu, 4 Feb 2021 by KiM

It has been several years since we have shared the work of Alabama designer Betsy Brown. Over all these years her style has been consistent – always rooted in contemporary with classic touches, always in a palette of whites and creams with significant use of black and wood tones. Her spaces stand the test of time.

The little details

Posted on Wed, 3 Feb 2021 by midcenturyjo

“In response to the brief from a client seeking a family home that would reflect their love of originality, quality finishes and comfort, Phoebe has delivered a living environment where textures, colour and form come together in an unique interplay. Classically timeless pieces are complemented by bespoke contemporary art anD artefacts, without sacrificing comfort, liveability or durability.”

Sometimes it’s about the elegance, sometimes the restrained palette . Sometimes it’s about the luxury of the materials and sometimes it’s a little detail like the double welt trim on the fabric covered bedroom walls. Woollahra House byPhoebe Nicol Interior Architecture.