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Light and shadow

Posted on Tue, 29 Nov 2011 by midcenturyjo

Photographer Simon Whitbread generously sent over his latest photo shoot. (See me posts on Simon here and here.) A small 2 bedroom house on Sydney’s Northern Beaches sits snugly on a tight block but screens and walls, awnings and orientation provide privacy, shade and cross ventilation. More importantly this Curl-Curl home by Clifton Cole of CplusC Architectural Workshop uses light and shadow to help define spaces, to bring the outside in and to make a small home seem larger. I love the way that Simon’s photography plays with light and shadows to emphasis this design feature. He seems to “get” a building and plays on this in his work. Simon you weren’t an architect in a previous life?

Walls of wood

Posted on Sun, 2 Oct 2011 by KiM

I was thinking about doing a blog favourites post today as I typically do on Sundays but I am a bit too distracted to spend the time blog surfing. You see, back in April I mentioned (ok, bitched about) a French oral test I had at work. Unfortunately I did not get the grade I needed, and since then I have had no French training (due to lack of a training budget). All of a sudden on Tuesday I found out I am permitted full time training for the month of October, then I have to take the test, and once again I need to pass the freaking thing or potentially lose the position I have been working towards for the past 8 years. No pressure or anything. So if I have any spare time for the next several weeks, I need to have my nose buried in my French notes. *insert expletives here* The joys of working for the government of a bilingual country.
I was trying to figure out what post I could do relatively quickly, and realized I had some photos saved of “wood walls” – inspiration for my house when it finally gets renovated (on that note, we’re now considering tearing it down and rebuilding, which has thrown me for a loop, as that was never the plan when I bought this house). I want a rustic touch to the place, and what better way than a wall covered in wood slats…or maybe panels, but I’m leaning towards slats. Here are some photos with walls of wood that I really like. (See also this post on wood panelling)

House To Home

H&D Homes

Le Journal de la Maison




Yatzer Apartment Therapy
Deko Katarina Malstrom Brown
Design*Sponge KITKA design toronto


Twig Hutchinson


Style At Home

La Vallée Blanche


Dana Meilijson

MESH Architectures



A couple of weeks ago I blogged about my huge home renovation and addition project and my need for finishes for the bathrooms (and the almost non-existent budget we will have). Well, I am in the same boat with flooring. I would like hardwood flooring (could be engineered wood) throughout the house with the exception of the front entrance and bathrooms which will be tile. The flooring is another aspect of this renovation where we may be stuck with subfloor for a while if there are no funds for flooring materials – which is why I am hopeful that someone out there can help us out with a great deal on flooring with blog mentions etc. in return. I am thinking I would like to do something fairly light. I am a huge fan of Scandinavian/mid century/industrial styles and hope to mix these in my new home with lots of greys, black and white. I also have SEVEN cats and refuse to do white floors (been there, done that, didn’t work out so well) or really dark floors. Both of these would be a complete nightmare to keep clean. We can always go back to the flooring we recently put down upstairs that you can see in this post.

I found some inspiration in my stash of photos, and my favourites are below. I did include one sort of dark floor (Luce Rosso) which I would reeeeeeeally love but if it were lighter. I love the idea of a light grey stain to show off the wood grain. And it’s a bit unusual instead of typical clear sealed natural hardwood. If anyone has any suggestions for sources of flooring, or types of flooring you think would work, I’d love to hear about it in the comments or via email (desiretoinspirekim@hotmail.com). Thanks!

Bo Bedre Sköna hem
Bolig Magasinet Luce Rosso
Maison Deko
Sköna hem Katarina Malmström Brown
Vårt Nya Hem Guts to communicate

Elle Interiör

Hus & Hem

Per Magnus Persson

Magnus Marding

Hus & Hem

Indenfor & Udenfor

Sköna hem

Allt i Hemmet

Oak Management

Sköna hem

Reader request – log homes

Posted on Fri, 17 Jun 2011 by KiM

You may recall this post from last month, where I blogged the home of Jack (a co-worker of mine) and his wife Shannon. In that post I mentionned that they were selling that house because they had just purchased a log home. !!!! Well, log homes are not the easiest to work with in terms of decorating and keeping them from being dark and dreary, as Shannon expressed in an email to me:
I am writing to request pics of…you guessed it…log interiors. My only issue with the logs in our new place is that I NEED light, airy interiors and log homes can be dark, dark, dark. That’s sometimes a function of lighting but also of having so much wood. We are planning to refinish and lighten the floors before we move in in August. Plus, I’ll be brightening all of the drywalled surfaces. There’s lots of darkish greens and blues. The kitchen is maple, but with a dark blue-green stain…I’ll eventually repaint that a creamy white, etc. I’m also going to update the lighting and add lots more lights. The master bedroom is actually a loft overlooking the living room and its 3 large west-facing windows (plus there are more windows in the back of the bedroom). I’m planning to paint the floor of the loft a glossy white and this will be the first place where I’ll try my big experiment: white-washing or bleaching the interior log walls. I plan to convert the place from “rustic Montana” to “Scandinavian bright”. Anyhow, if ever you have time, anything you find on log interiors would be helpful.

Here is a little peek at Jack and Shannon’s new home:

It turns out my stash of photos did not include many log home interiors. So I gathered up those and included some that feature wood panelling or whatever wood surfaces I could find that might help give Shannon (ok, and Jack – LOL) some options.

(LOVE this but i think they overdid it on the gloss – in fact this would look WAY better matte)

Le Journal de la Maison

Hus & Hem

Hus & Hem

Hus & Hem

Anna Kern

Hus & Hem

Sköna hem

Maison Hand

Jon Jensen

Louise Rastall

Deko – Plaza

Sania & Susanna Hus & Hem
Vårt Nya Hem Vårt Nya Hem
George Seper GP
Hus & Hem Marie Claire Italy
Deko – Plaza Mlinaric, Henry & Zervudachi

Last month I also blogged my sister’s cottage makeover where she started with a dark and dreary spaces and a whole bunch of white paint did wonders to brighten it up. Here’s a quick before and after:


Posted on Wed, 6 Apr 2011 by midcenturyjo

I am stricken, yes stricken, with love for this 18th century half-timber house hidden in the dunes and marshes of the Vistula River down on the Baltic Sea coast of Poland. 3 apartments contained within an historic building. Old and new, history and the stylishly comfortable here and now. I just can’t come up with the right words to describe this house. Nothing seems worthy enough. I speechless (or should I say rambling). I wouldn’t want to leave this holiday lodge.  Salvinia Lodge. That’s the name of my new home. I’ll be renting it forever and I’ll expect you to join me soon. Tomorrow I’ll introduce you to the architects.