Eames Lounge

Posted on Thu, 26 Apr 2007 by KiM

Charles Eames said his goal for the lounge chair was the “warm, receptive look of a well-used first baseman’s mitt.” I can immediately associate one word with this chair – SIGH. I’ve never sat in one of these, real or imitation, and I probably shouldn’t. But I don’t think I could ever spend that much money on a chair. And I don’t think cat nails would go so well with the leather. But I lust after it regardless. After all, cats don’t even like leather right?

Jessie says:

I think Cats will lay on anything! Everyone needs this classic chair in there house. I sat in one once, and thought it was really comfy. I worked at an antique store for 5 years, and saw cool stuff all the time. Someone bought it before I got a chance! 🙁

Kara says:

i found a broken one by the roadside last year. the leather is in great condition…hopefully i’ll be able to repair it!

Laura says:

Until this Sunday the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit has an exhibit dedicated to the Eames Lounge!


siobhan says:

Why not take a chance? We have a leather couch and a cat and both have survived the experience (so far) intact.

kim. says:

Kara you FOUND ONE????? OMG I hope you can fix it too! Otherwise I’d just tape ‘er up and use it anyway 😉 Laura, if I were anywhere near Detroit I would SO go see that. Siobhan, I cannot justify spending that much money on a chair. I’d get that sick-to-my-stomach-what-have-I-just-gone-and-done kind of feeling…and the feeling would never go away.

Get one! Go for it! (I figure if I can egg someone else to make the plunge, then I can do it myself. 🙂

I have an artist friend who got one for herself a couple of years ago. She doesn’t have a lot of money, but she promised herself she’d do it with her first big painting sale. She says she practically lives in her chair and thinks it’s one of the best things she’s ever done for herself.

And I second Siobhan re: cats and leather. I have two cats and a brown leather Natuzzi sofa, and while there are incidental superficial scratches from them jumping on and off, they fade quickly and become part of the character of the leather.

kim. says:

OK – I’ll get one when I have my first big painting sale.

(I don’t paint) 😉

Malinda says:

My husband and I worry about the cats and leather or cats and most fabrics all the time. I got leather dining chairs so at least they don’t jump up in them very much. So far only one big scratch. I would love a leather chair though.

Carlene says:

I finally got one, after years of pining. I had to sell something to get the money, but it was worth it. I keep telling myself, I never have to buy another chair again, and it’s true. You must at least sit in one, it cannot be described.

Oh, we have a bulldog; he has never gotten up on the chair (not sure he actually can), but he has licked it.

The eames lounger is a classic, comfortable and one of those peices we see a lot of. With many of the classics, I tend to use them in custom leather upgrades – looks amazing in white – not creme or off white but WHITE … I’d love to do one in a charcoal wool or for a cat friendly version of crypton fabric in a tone off the walnut – warm gray brown …. now if they could do the wood in a lacquer series, we’d be onto something. Alas – you are right that $5500 is a lot but then when you compare to other high end seating, it’s a deal. I have yet been able to afford my own taste but will definitely let you know when I find out exactly how to do so – then we can all enjoy a good seat of our own =)cheers to owning a modern design chair!

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