Flickr finds – dining in

Posted on Sun, 7 Oct 2007 by KiM

Bhavna says:

The last pic had to be there! 😉

kim. says:

You know me well bhavna! Any chance to include a cute dog/cat photo…

You always find the best flickr photos! Destination rolls and west german pottery. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Kim and all our Canadian readers!

jackie says:

Thank you for including my dining room, although there is so much mess on the table today I can hardly see it.

Jennifer says:

I love the yellow dining table & chair set. What an amazing piece for a small space! BTW, I’m from Ottawa, so first off, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, and also, you might want to check out FoundDesign for some more amazing mid-century modern furniture.

kim. says:

Happy Thanksgiving Jennifer, fellow Ottawan (and to all our Canadians readers) – Found Design is one of my favourite stores!!! I bought a rattan screen there this past summer (it was the only thing I could afford unfortunately). Love your dining set AND WG pottery jackie/littlest flower!

I love the photo by jeans. I clicked through to flickr and the “before” shot is posted…. What a difference!

Michelle says:

The kitchens: I enjoyed the Jeans, Superciliousness, and Macetaria kitchens they were pretty. The chairs in the Modern artifacts-T2are pretty, but the plates hanging on the wall in the Aoneko picture is NOT! The Guillaume Brialon is interesting if you lived in the cottage areas and the Posidriv picture is TOO white.

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