White floors

Posted on Tue, 30 Oct 2007 by KiM

Lately I have been dreaming about white painted wood floors and pink walls….not necessarily in the same space but those are things I do not have in my current home that I’ve been craving. Due to this craving, I got a bit of a fix (although I think I also made it worse) by posting about pink walls. So I thought I’d also post about white floors. I just love the brightness of the rooms and how the furniture pops. Perhaps I’m influenced by people like Jessie who go and buy white hardwood for their entire house. And while I’m pondering white floors, are they as much of a nightmare to keep clean as dark floors? (Because when you live with 5 cats, Swiffer becomes your best friend).

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Jessie says:

I love my white floors. They are messy. Also, we are still working on the house though, and people are wearing shoes in it. Once I clean the floors…….NO MORE SHOES!!! 🙂 I love white,….so I will have white floors, even if it means I have to drive myself a little crazy trying to keep it clean. Its interior design, I do what looks good. 😉 (plus, you can lay down rugs)

Cybelle says:

I especially like the hardwood floors painted in white. It’s really fresh and I don’t know why but the word “sexy” comes to mind… ;D

Anonymous says:

I have white tile floors throughout my entire 1st floor. I thought I was going to die mopping all the time. THEN I was given the BEST gift I have ever had. It’s a floor cleaner. It vacuums, mops, scrubs AND dries your floor all at the SAME TIME. It takes me all of 30 minutes to do 4 large floors! They range from expensive and fancy to cheap and still wonderful.

What is ‘white cushion floor”? Can I see it somewhere?

Anonymous says:

my daughter wants a bright white floor in her bedroom. Tiles or carpet are not option. wats my next best move? if i do paint a white floor, waht kind of wood should i put down? or if there are any other option please advise.
thank you

Anthony says:

We just bought a new duplex house and had the whole bottom floor from front to back done with white resin floors. Unfortunately the company that did it messed it up & it started lifting, but it’s still an amazing floor even though we need to have it redone. Unfortunately due to the bad experience my wife is thinking of getting wooden floors instead 🙁 We’re in debate now 🙂
But check this link for the product we used…it’s AMAZING and not more expensive than wood or tiles. Just make sure that the company you use KNOW what they are doing.

Tim says:

I’ve been wanting to paint my floor white so I took it as a sign when I stumbled onto this site. Mind you I took the lazy route (and I don’t recommend others do this). My floor was brown polished concrete so
1) I wiped it down with soapy water made from diluting Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castille Soap
2) Dried it
3) 4 of us did the edges and corners with brushes and 1 person rolled using the Freshaire no-VOC semi-gloss white base (for walls). The whole thing required 3 coats; the 3rd coat was done 24 hours after the 2nd coat dried.

In case you missed it, I didn’t sand and I didn’t use concrete paint, but we don’t wear shoes in the house so we’ll see what the maintenance will be like. In any case, it currently looks amazing and made my dark loft light and airy.

Gulve says:

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Trægulve says:

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Anonymous says:

What a helpful blog. We are redoing a flat and have a concrete floor at the moment. We would like to have white floor boards, either limed or painted, but my question is, can one use floating floors for this purpose? Can one get floating floors that aren't finished? Thanks. By the way, we live in Australia.

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