Flickr finds – vintage pottery

Posted on Sun, 30 Dec 2007 by KiM

katiedid says:

Sending you both the warmest wishes for the Happiest of New Years! Looking forward to visiting often in 2008!

Thanks Katie! Looks like I’m seeing in the New Year with a paint roller in my hand. Great post Kim. West German AND Hornsea. YUM!! Back to painting now.

Oh and here are links to some of my West German pottery (have lots more than this, I'm addicted) and a piece of Hornsea (need more of this!)

nina says:

Thanks for featuring my photos!

kim. says:

How could I not Nina?!?! You have the BEST collection of dishes around!!!

maditi says:

so nice to find my home on your lovely blog 🙂
you might also enjoy my sisters vintage collections:

Maditi I love your photos and your pottery but I definitely LOVE your sisters west german pottery collection. I’ve had her colour collection photos in my style files since I first saw them. YUM!!!

How nice to see my Hornsea tea pots on your page! Thanks so much for noticing them =)

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