Secret Gardens

Posted on Wed, 30 Jan 2008 by midcenturyjo

Scattered throughout Sydney are these beautiful oases in an urban landscape. Secret Gardens is a holistic landscape design team founded by Matthew Cantwell. Beautiful inspirational gardens whether a sprawling garden or a small inner city courtyard.

P.S A link finally for the reader (whose email I inadvertently deleted) who wanted to know the name and source of the white sunlounge in the first photo after it featured in a Noosa post.

kim. says:

Thank you for the post. This summer if I can get my backyard looking one iota as incredible as these I’ll be a happy girl. But right now I have to figure out how to walk to work since everything froze over into a big skating rink last night. 🙁

Sam says:

Haha Kim, as a fellow Canadian, all I have to say is DITTO!

Jackie says:

These are wonderful. If only my garden looked as good.

Great. Now that I’ve seen these stunning possibilities, nothing I do to my garden will ever satisfy me. Thanks a whole bunch!

I’m off now to water my manky, shrivelled, sun-blasted garden with my tears.

Very impressive photos. Your site inspiring me.

Erica Cottrill says:

These are incredible gardens! Wow!

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