Dog on a cowhide

Posted on Tue, 26 Feb 2008 by KiM

Typically when we post animals, it’s “dog on a chair” or “dog on a couch”….this time, it’s a dog on a cowhide. And this I had to post for 3 reasons. First, this photo was sent by Jessica, of The World According to Jessica Claire, who has more animals than I do. 4 cats (2 sphynx and 2 cornish rex), 2 dachshunds and a great dane. INSANITY! Makes me want to go out and get a dog. Second, it’s a photo of Jessica’s great dane. I have wanted a great dane for a LONG TIME. Third, Jessica’s harlequin dane Leya matches the freaking rug. FABULOUS!!! Thanks Jessica!

orangered says:

1 ginormous + two little pooches keeping the big lug in line?

Great Danes can be hilarious–i love that they generally don’t need to run much, i’ve heard; at least the few i’ve met didn’t (they prefered lying in bed, their people said), is this true?

Hi Kim, Hes soo ADORABLE- i also have wanted a great dane, but with two boxers….its plenty of poop to pick up when i go out, can u imagine a great dane too?? OMG! ha!

He is so cute! Imagine if he made up his mind that he wanted to sleep with you in bed. OMG!

M&Co says:

Sooo cute!! I love the matching spots!!

zee says:

I love harlequin great danes! My friend has two and they’re gorgeous. I’m a big fan of black & white dogs in general. We recently got a basset hound to keep our dalmatian (who you featured here before!) company and if anyone is in the mood for super cute dog on furniture action, you can see them here..


He’s quite the specimen. Handsome indeed! 🙂

It’s true orangered that Danes don’t need much excercise. They’re loungers and make great condo dogs!

Jo, believe it or not Leya used to sleep with me in my double bed!

She then moved on to my parent’s king bed where she’d wedge in between them along with the cats and now she sleeps on a huge bed on the floor.

Anyone know of stylish dog beds big enough for her?

kim. says:

Oh my GAWD zee….your new pooch is too much! I adore basset hounds too. My bf’s friend has one, Theo, and he’s a HOOT.

Jessica, I suggest you make a bed. Just buy some foam and some great fabric. Otherwise you’ll probably pay a small fortune.

Melissa says:

This puppy is gorgeous! I’m a Dane Mommy myself; I’ve got a fawn male and a blue girl. They are the best dogs on the planet. Very cool, very personable, and the best snuggle-buddies you’ll ever have! My boy is 160 pounds and my girl is 110. They love to dog pile on me and my fiance every morning to wake us up! lol

Thanks for sharing!

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