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Posted on Wed, 10 Jun 2009 by KiM

For as long as I can remember I’ve always dreamed about converting a building, such as a barn, a mechanics shop, a church, into a home. Well, some folks in the UK have converted done just that. They purchased a church for £92,000, spent £300,000 in renovations, and it’s now worth about £650,000. I’m not sure that I could live in a home surrounded by gravestones though….EEEKKK!! Would you want to live here?

I am so disappointed with the decor. So much to work with…those blue sofas gotta go. I think the hole thing is just way too church-y. Photos found here.

Anonymous says:

Fabulous ! Beautiful ! Many are frightened at living in a Church ( it WAS a church,now a home )and graveyard ! Why on earth ? decoration not to your liking ? well they live there,not you.Would I change some things? of course but that´s not better taste,just different.
May they be very happy in a much blessed place.

´Teresa says:

Nem que me pagassem vivia ao lado do cemitério!

sandie says:

Oh, how i would love a structure like this. I would so make it King Arthur’s castle. The heavy drapes separating the bedroom from the dining room are fabulous. I would have heavy furniture and medieval tapestries and I, too, would change the lighting in some rooms to darken and dramatize and "cozify" the space. I am now committing my life to finding and buying an old stone building, whether it’s a church, a prison, an old school or a barn. Cool.

Ashley says:

What you disliked about the decor, I actually rather liked. Particularly the blue sofas. I’ve seen so many church conversions that are neat to look at, but that you REALLY wouldn’t want to actually live in. This one really looks like a house, and one that I would enjoy living in day-to-day. It’s much homey-er. 🙂

Kat says:

What’s the point in living in a renovated church if it’s not "church-y"? Yeah, you gotta make it your own, but if you want it to look sleek and modern and not like a church, you might as well buy a normal house.

God says:

I’ve been trying to find out more of the history of this building since I’m a bit absent minded lately. I can see the posters here are obviously the end-all and be-all of everything. Holy ME! what a horribly snarky group you all are! Seriously, the worst I’ve seen of any website dealing with this building. Christ-on-a-cracker I hope the other 6 billion plus occupants of this planet aren’t like the lot of you. I should hit "Restart" and be done with it. Again.

Madelon says:

I think it’s an incredible structure, incredible space. The decor, however, SCARY. Way more scary than living next to 50 or so rotting corpses. The bathroom + kitchen are A O’K, But those sofas? The bed in the dining room? The gothic candles next to the bed? THE BED SPREAD? THE PILLOWS? SADFACE. SADFACE. SADFACE.

Crystal says:

I think everyone is being a little too critical of the decor. In my opinion, the couches look comfortable and cozy, and they fit well in the well-lit, open space. I think the decor of the place is perfect, and makes the home, church, whatever, more beautiful. I most especially like the wall-to-wall bookcase upstairs, and the crimson curtain that separates the bedroom from the dining room.

Jose Manuel Mendes Antunes says:

I personally like the idea. It's a question of mentality and being open minded. Could have been more choosy with the furniture though.

NC Gwenie says:

Does anyone know the address of the property or the previous name of the church with City & State?

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