Another dose of Sweden for your Tuesday

Posted on Tue, 4 Aug 2009 by KiM

I found this flat that is currently on the market via Petra’s blog Designfragment and was so awe-struck I had to share it here. It’s almost perfection – I would just add a smidge of colour here and there. *sigh*

Britt says:

I love the stark white and black houndstooth!

THese are fantastic images. The colour scheme is dramatic but not over the top. Great post – will file these away into my inspiration folder.

Anonymous says:

It's oh-just-perfect !

You are right it needs a touch more color … but this is amazing!

DeSmin says:

Thanks for posting it!!! I wish to have a house like this one :).

I wonder if they actually live with this little colour or took it out for the photos…? It's stunning, though.

Why don't we Canadians decorate our spaces more brightly, like those in Sweden? After all, we live with a similar climate. Maybe we go for darker colours to keep us warm, while they go for lighter colours to fend off the winter blues???

TTAGG says:

I love that their "smidge" of color is the natural green of the plants. And of course you must include other color in the childrens' spaces.

Fantastic Stuff

Splendid graphical interiørs! I can see that all the rooms were designed consequently… clear, spacious, brathing space.

carrie says:

anybody know anything about that gorgeous rocking chair in the living room? who makes it?

Belle says:

I love the photograph/picture of the big balloons pulling the ship over the bed – anyone know where I can find it??

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