Emily Andrews

Posted on Fri, 30 Oct 2009 by midcenturyjo

Meet Emily Andrews, an über talented snapper from New Zealand, land of the long white cloud and a crazy amount of creative types… even more per capita than Australia! What I love most about Emily’s portfolio is that it is real. Real homes, no fuss. Just loads of inspiration captured through her lens.

Amanda says:

I recognise some of Emily's beautiful images from magazines I have where they feature, but it is nice to see things from the photographers perspective,as a portfolio, rather than as a story belonging to gone particular home owner at a time. She is very talented.

Polly R says:

I love these photos! and that home! x

Wow to that carved tabletop! Or floor?

Hollie says:

intriguing! However the bathroom doesn't seem to fit the feel of the rest of the house?

Magchunk says:

Except for the last two photos, these are everything I could hope my home to become. Love love love this post! Thanks for sharing her work!

Anonymous says:

People do not appreciate split doors properly. Marvelous invention left behind. Usually I dislike "cluttered" photos — they often feel staged, and impractical. But this designer doesn't do impractical — and her clutter is light and airy… how does she DO that? The bedroom is so simple, yet it codifies a perfect representation of off-kilter chic. Anyone else want to add just one — just one — thing to the bathroom, to mess it up a bit?

kim. says:

Wow – these are STUNNING photos. Emily can really make any space appear seem so beautiful and intriguing. (I LOVE that first white bedroom)

I so love the photographer portfolios you post! Another fantabulous collection of light and emotion (I love seeing the modern shots in the collection to show her diversity!)

Fernanda says:

BEAUTIFUL home! I want that red stair case for me 🙂 Just lovely.


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