Leslie Siegel

Posted on Thu, 3 Dec 2009 by KiM

The portfolio of interior stylist Leslie Siegel is so inspiring. Makes me want to rearrange my entire house. Leslie believes that less is more – except when more is better – and that inspiration is everywhere. Amen to that.


oregonbird says:

I like the understated edginess. And the house looks liveable, in a comfortably downscale way. But OMG what *terrible* pictures! If someone had shown up with their head cut off, I would have known for sure my mother took them!

midcenturyjo says:

I love that you speak your mind Oregon bird 🙂 I actually like the photos. They have the same "unstyled" feel that Leslie brings to her work. (Funny thing to say about a stylist.) Everyday and real …. while still being edgy. I’m really getting the rawness of these rooms.

oregonbird says:

Errr… yeah, I make lots of friends that way. Thanks for not kicking me off the site. Really. And yes, I’ll go along with "real" as a description of the photos.

Malin says:

I love those pics. But I don´t want to see any more swedich interior I want to see international interior design. 🙂
Malina la sueca

Nico says:

I love everything about your blog and quite frankly have an addiction to it. I live in Sweden but come from NZ, and really, lots of friends have amazing apartments with just as must style as shown in the pics above. It is a dream. I understand your Swedish interior design love.

Leslie Siegel says:

Thanks for this posting of my work; I just came across it. The pictures you pulled are from lots of different locations I’ve worked in mostly in New York. I also style a lot of food pictures and work on my own stuff when work slows down.
thank you prop houses…
other inspiration…

thanks again, your blog is great !

Michele says:

Love Leslie’s amazing style and unexpected combination of elements. Have long been a fan of her work which can be seen in many national publications and cookbooks!

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