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Posted on Tue, 15 Dec 2009 by KiM

I seem to be on a Swedish kick this week. When I was checking out the website of photographer Magnus Selander (whom I blogged about yesterday) he mentionned working with stylists Sania Hedengren and Susanna Zacke. So I did a little googling and came across their website. They are a Swedish duo – Susanna is an interior decorator and Sania is an interior writer and stylist. Their work is typical Swedish – lots of white with punches of fun colours and lots of Ikea furnishings. I never tire of this style. It’s warm and inviting and soothing and completely comfortable. And it looks so summery, which is a perk when you live in a not-so-hot climate like SWEDEN or CANADA.


These images are exactly where I am drawn…’

K. McRea says:

gorgeous, love it. my norwegian ancestry I guess. I am dying for wide plank floors like those. Does anyone know if they are hard to care for? It looks as though the spaces between the planks would catch a lot of debris?

I swear there’s something in the water in Scandinavia that makes them all fabulous at design. It’s been a running joke/reality on my blog for awhile, and I’m glad to see others tapping into it!

xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea 🙂

yyam says:

Swoon-worthy! Such happy rooms! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

theaxx says:

Think I’m on a similar kick, so I COMPLETELY understand yours 😉 The swedes just have a way with… well.. white, don’t they?
So MANY yummy beautiful swedish creations. Have you seen the latest ‘white’ concept store in sydney for Kikki K here:

Or ooh, ooh, this yummy norwegian site here:


oregonbird says:

I realize less is more, but that 2nd bedroom is da bomb. Ooh, dated. And 23 years ago I gave my brother’s wife an abalone pendant lamp for Xmas… she hasn’t spoken to me since. Well, I thought it was wonderful!

I think I’m a little bit in love with that delicious yellow bedding in the top pic. I love how fresh and airy all the homes look.

ashlina says:

i am absolutely loving the white interiors………makes me want to paint my entire place white!


Amazing inspiration! Thanks for sharing! I especially love the Christmas photos. For me Christmas=Scandinavian

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