It’s all about location, location, location

Posted on Wed, 6 Jan 2010 by midcenturyjo

The old adage is true especially if this “fisherman’s shack” is in your price range. OMG the view, the boathouse, the wonderful retro vibe of the main house. If you buy this for $4 million (yes! that’s not a typo) please spend a little more on the interiors (or employ a better photographer AND a stylist for the next photo shoot) to make the dream complete. I can tell you I won’t be the new owner! Just a little too out of my price range. Link here while it lasts.

This post has been brought to you by sunny Australia where it’s warm and wonderful. Sorry all those under a blanket of thick wet snow. I’m so cruel 😉

Denise says:

Think I would just live on the verandah and terraces – beautiful. Inside, not so. Bathrooms, hideous.

Eric says:

I’ve got to take some time for a little rant! Yes YES Y E S!!!! There is a huge difference between taking a picture and using a photographer. Obviously these shots were taken by someone with a digital camera, and just imagine how incredible they could be if a true photographer did their magic. This place would sell in a heartbeat!

OK Rant Done. Great find!

Want to be in the forst image!

Happy 2010 to you both.

I would definitely live there…it’s absolutely gorgeous…too bad it’s way out of my price range!

$4m for the little shack? I assume it includes the dock, land, house above? And I thought prices in SF were crazy.


Desire to Inspire says:

Yes Cristin it’s for all of it but considering the crazy prices in Australia it wouldn’t surprise me if it was just for the "boathouse".

if i just live on the veranda do you think they’d take less? 🙂

miam says:

eheh, Scotland Island Northern Beaches, so beautiful, all the Pittwater region is like this. I think calm water like inside sea or lake or one of the most beautiful nature landscape, so soothing !

KiM says:

that’s a little slice of heaven right there. and it sure does beat the mountains of snow outside my windows.

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