Branching out

Posted on Thu, 7 Jan 2010 by KiM

A reader named Sarah emailed us recently asking that we branch out and post some non-US and non-Swedish content. I said no problem – but considering neither Jo nor I are American or Swedish, we don’t go out specifically looking for content from those countries. That just seems to be what we happen upon on our random Google searches when looking for blog content. So when I asked Sarah if she knew of any sites we could refer to for the blog she suggested a site from Israel, I found tons of blog-worthy content (although I unfortuntely don’t know Hebrew) so thank you Sarah! One home that was featured on the site really caught my eye. Turns out it has a bit of a Swedish/Scandinavian country vibe to it. LOL. It’s SOOO pretty and is perfect decor for the cottage I wished I owned. White walls, gorgeous hardwood floors, big white squishy couches, small touches of pale colours…what’s not to love? (Forget the interior…I was sold on the palm tree out front. We don’t get those up here).



I love this. Fun to discover new regions.

However, I must admit that my own is also very beautiful… Sweden…



Nuit says:

what a gorgeous, gorgeous place!!! I love the tables and chairs and all that light… fresh air. great post!

how fun to see houses from different regions. this house is so charming…makes me want to vacation there. hmmm, wonder if they’ll do a swap? 🙂

What a beautiful home! Very different from what we usually see. It is a good idea to expand our view, although I think everyone has preferences. I usually go for French or Scandinavian. It just happens.. But I would love to see more ‘exotic’ places!

pretty, pretty. I love the bed on castors.

Michelle says:

really gorgeous…….gorgeous gorgeous !

Pam at GardenDesigns+more says:

I found the exterior of this house rather ordinary. The interior was very well put together, however. Thanks for sharing!

Mel says:

Very ‘Swedish’ vibe, but the shoes being worn IN the house is a dead give away that it’s not 🙂

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