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Posted on Thu, 11 Mar 2010 by KiM

I had such a blast in Mexico that I thought I’d share some more photos that I took. These are again from some of the shops (plus a couple extras) in the town of Sayulita. I was so in love with all the ethnic/global/wordly items that I was devastated knowing I had only part of a suitcase to fill instead of a shipping container.




lindsey says:

OH MY GOSH! i am in love with these photos! i want everything in these pictures. Those sinks are AMAZING, those blankets are to die for and that bath…speechless. Thanks for sharing!


lance says:

looks like you had an amazing trip!!!
friends of mine love mexico and especially that little town.
it always amazes me when i see pictures from mexico or india how devoid of color our lives are in north america.

Elizabeth says:

I agree lance… North American’s need WAY MORE colour in their lives!

Wonderful photographs Kim… looks like we followed a similar trail. Galeria Tanana housed a lovely collection of art from the Huichol people. I loved all of the recycled pieces that were made from ‘garbage’ essentially. And Caravan Serai had some nice finds from Morocco (I want that tub!!)

Elizabeth says:

And a yummy choco-banana!!

Ruth says:

Such a long way to travel for the perfect chocolate frozen banana!! But oh, looks so worth it! Thanks for tiling ideas…I’m thinking about a patio and I’ve just been inspired.

Nikki says:

Love those shops! My parents have been to Sayulita a few times. I usually go to the Caribbean side, but I wouldn’t mind checking out those colorful stores.

Design-Aficionado says:

Great photos!

Those pillows! That woodwork! I die.

Robin says:

I’m with you…a shipping container would have been nice!

Laetitia says:

I am a the designer of Revolucion del sueno ( First foto ) .I read your blog since 1 year and I was surprised to see my products in your blog. Thank you for your comment. Goodbye, seeyou soon in Sayulita

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