Friday retro

Posted on Fri, 9 Apr 2010 by midcenturyjo

The Easter break has turned my week upside down. Retro on a Friday? No time is a wrong time for a blast from the past! It’s a bumper post today. Usual story… some revolting, some revealing, some could have been put together just yesterday (well maybe the day before the day before yesterday). Let’s give it up for the amazing Golden Homemakers 100 Ideas to Beautify Your Home, Gudenian Rockail & Mayer, Marshall Cavendish, London, 1972.



oregonbird says:

Somehow, I can survive the week of landlady heck, just on hope that retro will appear. Book shelving has come a long way — it’s weird, that there is a *modern* appearance to shelved books. Untidy gatherings of fruit & veg… check. Ragdoll, wicker, enough plants to enact Day of the Triffids… check. Brick fireplace so dull it’s put itself to sleep, pointless pyramid, rugs that will kill you without a second thought… check. Cat waiting its turn to view the deceased… check!

Please, please can I have that kitchen with the shipping box panelling and fantabulous door? You’d always have to read while you ate your cereal.

Will says:

Love the colour blocking going on in a couple of those images! Happy Friday!

Wally says:

I remember that my parents friends had a brick fireplace like that (Pic 13) in the start 80ies, with big sofas like these ones. And I´ll tell you they were a very trendy couple, with their own fashion company and everyting.

yeah, house plants, and macrame plant holders!

eileen says:

IMHO the 70s were a great decade for film and decorating. I just loved and still love that brick and fern and wicker look. Bring it on.

Melanie says:

Wow! Pattern overload at the top. I went blind for a second! And you can’t have too many spider plants, can you?

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