Aptos retreat

Posted on Tue, 4 May 2010 by KiM

Melissa of CCS Architecture emailed the other day with some photos of an INCREDIBLE retreat in Aptos, California designed for a couple with 6 children. Located on 20 acres, the property (with ocean and mountain views) includes 2 primary buildings. The first is a 2800-square-foot main house that is composed of a ‘live building’ and a ‘sleep building’ that overlap at their roofs to create a linkage and sheltered outdoor space. The second is the Barn, a 1600-square-foot, rusted steel warehouse outfitted for use as the property’s “clubhouse.”  The first floor is set up for ping pong and large-screen TV watching, and houses surfboards and other recreational beach equipment. The loft level is set up with a billiard table and sofa beds all around for additional slumber party needs. Folks, this sounds an awful lot like my dream home. And after devouring the photos below, this looks like my dream home. Brace yourselves…..


WOW… I think I am speechless!!! Lovely house… thanks for sharing!!!


josephine says:

STUNNING! I want to move in! The layout and color scheme give off such a beautiful, warm, "community" vibe. After viewing this property and Ina Garten’s , I think barns are the new "black."

Love that kitchen island – what a beautiful piece of wood!

I love all the textiles patched together in the games room and that large trough sink!

the shot from the pool took my breath away. so original and so, so cool.

Danielle says:

WOW! It looks so calming and inviting…

midcenturyjo says:

The timber! Yum! It will age so beautifully and what about that island bench! Love the comment "barn is the new black" 🙂

Charlotta says:

I love the colourful kitchen, very beautiful. The time for colour is now I say.

Grumpy says:

Lovely home. Problem is, the kids won’t want to leave, as I’ve discovered with my oldest. Why give up a plush lifestyle to slog it out with the rest of humanity? It’s ever so much fun to be a photoshopped family when the kids are small and cute, not so fun when they are older and so used to the lux lifestyle they can’t be bothered to make it on their own!

Great forms + detailing – I love it!!

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