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Posted on Thu, 20 May 2010 by KiM

We recently received this request from reader Judy: “Hi! I’m moving into a new space with my boyfriend after the summer. We realized that the closet space was going to be an interesting dilemma to solve – and was hoping you could post some inspiring photos of other people’s tasteful yet non-boring closet sharing solutions!“. Now, this request was a bit tough as I don’t have many closet photos in my stash, and then many are not exactly in keeping with this request but I figured I’d post whatever I could find as I am going through the exact same scenario at my house. Jeff is moving in this weekend and I have got to get the damn dressing room finished in time for both of us to be able to fit all of our clothes. Luckily I have a tiny bedroom (12′ x 7′) that is basically useless for any other purpose but to be a closet. The plan is to hang 2 rods on one end of the room and wall to wall shelves on the other. I’ll buy some baskets for socks and unmentionables, and the rest can be folded or hung. But enough about my space – here are some closets I found that may or may not be useful non-boring solutions for Judy’s new space. (The first one is my all-time favourite, and I’ve used it a few times already on the blog but I can’t help it. It’s perfect.)

Country Home

Canadian House & Home Lagerlings
Ulrika Ekblom Lori Dennis
Family Living Family Living
Sunset Better Homes & Gardens
Caitlin Moran House Beautiful
Country Living Country Living
Mark Olson Madeleine Stuart

Light Locations
Adam Chinitz
Coorda Magazine
SPI Design
Elle Decor
Elle Decor

Jane says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been looking for closet inspiration too as we are renovating in July and I have a 2.8 x 1.5 space to fill. Love the second two – all those shoes neatly lined up…

Keyse says:

Looking at these lovely pictures hurts me a little…they are just so damned beautiful! I hope I will have fab closet space some day

Judy V says:

Yay! Thank you so much for rounding up all these fab examples. I like the idea of a closet rod and drapes in lieu of sliding closet doors. I’m glad that other people were able to benefit from my dilemma too! Looks like we’re all striving for a bit more organization in our lives. 🙂

Sarah says:

Wow. What I would do with a closet this size…haha =)

Tanya says:

oh my these are stunning and HUGE

Kerry says:

Well you sure have some closet photos now!! They’re all incredible.

Tonya says:

thanks for the inspiration. I’m considering turning a small spare bedroom into a dream closet and so few websites feature photos (other than companies selling closets) these photos are so much more personal than a sterile/clean new closet installation

Lauren says:

OH my I’m in closet lust, the Elle decor one with dark wood floors and fabulous handbags on the spindle style shelves, that’s mine. Oh how wish.

Allison says:

How fun! Makes me seriously rethink my closet space!

What inspirational images. A little out of my reach right now but a girl can dream!

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