Laura Bohn

Posted on Fri, 21 May 2010 by KiM

Today is the beginning of a 4 day long weekend for me which I am really stoked about because it means I have lots of time to get the dressing room completed and Jeff, Domino and Inky are moving in to my humble abode. It’s the unofficial beginning of summer up here in Canada, as this May 2-4 weekend is the biggest party weekend of the year filled with cottage parties and exorbitant beer consumption. I on the other hand will be painting….while drinking beer. 🙂 In honour of this special occasion I have some gorgeous spaces to share with you, care of Laura Bohn Design Associates. Based in New York, Laura Bohn “will often set unexpected hues and shapes together to give rooms depth and richness that is not easily replicated”. Rooms that are fresh and modern without being harsh. I loooove the bathroom sink set on metro shelving.


Nuit says:

These kitchens are a dream!!! I love this gallery, so inspiring. Have a great weekend!!! x

Claudia says:

The idea of that bathroom sink is rockin’ on all levels!

Wonderful clean-lined spaces that work.
Have a great long weekend!

i love the magnets on the side of the fridge! it makes the whole space seem more attainable and more real. great find!

Morella says:

.. wonderful !!!! Have nce week-end !! 🙂

Tanya says:

Is that chalkboard around the fireplace?

oregonbird says:

Wheels. Let me just repeat that. ‘Wheels.’ On an object transfixed by piping. And as the previous owner of a load bearing punched-metal shelf, I have been offered proof that entrophy will out. It will also warp, wend and wear.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the well-to-do are here to show us the meaning of ‘irony’. But it IS pretty!

k:ra says:

Agree with @Design Darling – the magnets may be my favorite part of the whole collection – shows the space as occupied, utilized – familiarizes an otherwise stoic, though picturesque spread

the zhush says:

Love that I live in NY, but read an Australian blog to find this truly amazing portfolio, of a designer, based out of NY! The internet amazes me! Great find!

Beautiful. Those trolley sinks are like anything I’ve seen before. So cool. Happy May 2-4!

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