Messy perfection

Posted on Wed, 21 Jul 2010 by midcenturyjo


I love this house. I love the large rooms and wonderful light streaming in. I love the history, the architectural details, the old wooden floors, the dark bathroom with the tub as centre of attention, the art leaning against the walls, the old dining room table and believe it or not, the mess. Hallelujah a real house! There are dishes in the rack, shoes in the bathroom, the throw rug is not artfully draped and a pile of coats in the hall. This London house is from 1st Option locations. You see it warts and all. It can be perfect when the stylist comes to straighten and preen and the photographer to compose and crop. Any other time a family lives happily here. I wish it was me 😉

That bathroom is divine! I also love the how they did the dinning/living space. Very old brown stone living for today.

Drooling over the bedding in that first image…

lana says:

i absolutely love this!!!

Mar says:

A beautiful and relaxed space – but by no means messy…

Anne says:

So nice! The only thing I don’t love is how the chairs in the living room are all pushed up against the wall.

god, I would kill for light like that.

Danielle says:

Love the normal living and boy would I like to live there as well!!!!!


What a great place! I wish I had a backyard like that!!!


I’ll flip you for it! You can just tell it is a well-loved home – you’re right its nice to see a home portrayed as lived in rather than over styled. I agree with Coquette & Dove too – a very London aesthetic.

thomas says:

what color was used on the walls? i love it..

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