A confection of a house

Posted on Wed, 15 Sep 2010 by midcenturyjo

Stalking in Sydney again this week and how cute is the exterior of this house? Like a big iced cupcake. But it’s even more delicious inside. A stylish refurbished historical house opens through a modern extension to a subtropical courtyard. Sophisticated and fun with a killer position. The view!!! Any guesses as to the nationality of the owners? A big clue in one of the rooms. Link here while it lasts.

it doesn't get much better than that.

Lisa in Canada says:

Is this a test to see how many North Americans can recognize a map of New Zealand when they see one??

Anna-Vancouver says:

I soooo want to move to Oz. I love your blog and I love this house. Keep up the great work!!

Zanita says:

New Zealanders! This house is perfection,

Linda in Melbourne (Australia) says:

…The map in the real estate site clearly shows SYDNEY HARBOUR [and the Parramatte River]. Why are people saying Kiwis and New Zealanders. Sydney is the clue here people – their in Sydney, New South Whales – AUSTRALIA. Any Australians reading the above will be deeply offended!!! [Like Canadians being confused in with Americans]

suzanne says:

There is nothing worse than a Kiwi. Unless its a Kiwi with money. Send them home. I am jealous.

msd2 says:

Linda, I think you're confused because you didn't read the post all the way through…. Jo made a joke about one of the people living in the house being a certain nationality because they had something on their wall that was a dead giveaway. Could we guess the nationality? Hence, the Kiwi comments.

sammy says:

Yes us Kiwis do possess a certain style even if it is transposed across the Tasman. Love it!

Priscilla says:

Love the space, the place, and everything they've done with and to it. Purple Charles sofaah, drool.
I spent a month in Sydney, working, and would go back in a heartbeat. Even working I made friends for life, and have not one negative thing to say about it at all. Nope, not one thing. I didn't see anything like this house, tho, while I was there. I might not have left..

Erica Cottrill says:

Love how you described this house "like a big iced cupcake." Perceptive!

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