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Posted on Fri, 10 Dec 2010 by KiM

I love photography – my favourite hobby next to decorating – and finding out what our latest sponsor sells got me all worked up. Fabrica Verde carries Diana and Lomo cameras and accessories!! Who they are: “A confederacy of photographers, musicians and designers bound by the secret handshakes of late night revelry.  A posse of guys and girls who live in New York, travel the world, and share your passion for Lomography/creative photography, great design, irony, and the somewhat askew. We personally test, employ, and love everything that we sell.” These are the coolest cameras ever – and they look like they’d be a blast to play with. I am seriously dying to get my hands on one – would make a perfect Christmas gift. *wink wink nudge nudge* I devoured their website and grabbed photos of some of the cameras they carry and sample photos. LOVE!!


the 1st one is cool. decorating & photography – my hobbies too 🙂

Jane says:

I own the 5th one! I lOVE it!!

EEF says:

they sell these at urban outfitters too

Ansela says:

I would say that site is more popular with those that grew up in the digital era, ironically enough, and simply want to be different. Why would anyone want to shoot film anymore? Digital is free to shoot and allows for much better control and end results.

Twiggs says:

oh i always love to see some lomo feature on my favourite blogs! i am a lomography addict, so this was eye catching in an instant! great to hear you on this!!! take care! twiggs

leila says:


clearly you're not familiar with what a lomo can do. they are not ordinary film cameras. they are an experience unto themselves that digital cameras are not yet replicating. you should try one.

Lora Carr says:

Love this post! I'm so ready to PLAY!

Iris Vank says:

I just purchased a Diana-camera and I love the imperfect photo's it gives. There just isn't anything comparable to going to the photographer and not knowing what development brings. My first roll had some pearls and a lot of faults. 😉 Up to the next!

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