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Posted on Thu, 3 Feb 2011 by midcenturyjo

A few months ago I was dreaming of escaping to paradise or beyond, vacation homes showcased by Welcome Beyond.  Chris from Welcome Beyond has promised to feed my holiday fantasies with new properties soon but in the meantime I’m taking a virtual vacation to berge in Aschau im Chiemgau, Bavaria, Germany. Managed by Nils Holger, a furniture designer, berge is all about the details. “It’s all about designing ‘berge’ not in a classic style, but to penetrate through to every detail. When there was no suitable door handle, we had it crafted by a blacksmith. The towels and bath robes were custom-made for the house, an old man in town turns wood into the bowls we use and for silverware we didn’t buy something just because it was nice or cheap, but only what was best suited.” As a design junkie those words are music to my ears. Raw timber, Glühwein and snow. The perfect trinity for a girl sweltering in cyclonic humidity.

…yes, I like it very much – "berge" – I live in Bavaria too, exactly in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and I no the small Village "Aschau" near of the Chiemsee the Bavarien sea. Thank you also for your side, I enjoy it each time, when I am looking at.

Kris says:

Oh wow … i've never seen a kitchen quite like that … so unique, so inspiring … i LOVE it !!!

Lulu1212 says:

Wow. This house is so unusual in so many ways. Its like a puzzel. Like it.

The kitchen is beautiful, but where's the bin?

laurent says:

I tried to ind theor website but i coudn't find it, anyone knows?

Desire to Inspire says:

Click on the link in the "berge" and it will take you there.

Juan says:

Does anybody knows what is the material almost every cabinet door / shelves are made of?

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