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Posted on Fri, 11 Feb 2011 by KiM

I have received several requests lately for photos of dining table centerpieces (or centrepieces, however you want to spell it) so I thought I’d finally take the plunge and post some for your viewing pleasure. I think I’ve been avoiding this request because often times in photos of dining spaces the tables are either left bare or are too over-styled for every day use. I managed to find some photos of centerpieces that are conducive to every day dining and while MANY of the photos in my stash featured a vase of flowers, I tried to find some that were a bit more creative. I currently have a large Ikea tray in the center of my table piled with my current favourite things (see here), which makes it very easy to remove if I need to set the entire table for a meal. So if you prefer a collection of items on your table, place them on a tray to make your life easier. Otherwise, your favourite large bowl would be perfect (stuffed with apples/oranges/lemons is cute), or include a cute table runner (I love my new one), or perhaps a tray of grass….

AT Casa

Kelly McGuill

Bolig Magasinet

Edina van der Wyck

Hus & Hem

Apartment Therapy


Lucyina Moodie

Hus & Hem

Magnus Selander

Petra Bindel

Living Etc.

Decor Demon Mixr
Bolig Magasinet Frank Features
design*sponge Loft Life Magazine
Hus & Hem rue magazine

Lila Ferraro says:

I love the Bolig Magasinet image. The black is so lovely against the white. I think my favorite centerpieces are the simplest!
Lila Ferraro

Sparky says:

Oooooo, I love your tray-on-the-table with goodies! And I love that edged up doily grouping in indigo, too!

Andrea T says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you! So many sources of inspiration. I flagged over half of the pieces in my inspiration folder. Did I already say thank you?!

I am a fan of changing the table top vignette frequently, according to what looks fresh at the moment.

The only thing I am sure to do is NOT to have a too tall centerpiece. It always seems to get removed from the table so guests can see, so why not check the height first?

Love the grass and is fun to watch grow.

Thanks for such a great post! I struggle with this and usually just leave it empty because I don't know what to do. I know not to keep it set, but I do at Christmas and it makes me happy. 🙂 Love a runner and tray of goodies!

Love the 'tray' tip. Next time I plant a lawn on my dining table, I will certainly do it in a tray.

If I am sounding snippy it is envy – my dining table does double and triple duty and becomes giddy as a bride if something decorative is slapped on her hardworking surface, She deserves better.

I need you to have a tweet button! Great inspiration, thank you 🙂

Franziska San Pedro

Erin D. says:

I love the Edina and Living, Etc…. it's so far removed from what will be french country in my own diningroom in our new house. I love the whimsical, bright retro theme, and I'm happy that I get to incorporate this into my master bedroom, at least! Right now, I have a very cool blue bottle of mead and a bright, lemon painted bowl full of fruit on my own table.

Just wanted to mention (as a trained floral designer) that if you plan to eat at the table with the centerpiece in place, here is a good rule of thumb. Place your elbow on the table so that your arm sticks up perpendicular to the table top. A centerpiece should be no higher than your wrist if you want guests to be able to see one another.

Love the tray idea!

ruth says:

I like to place tactile items on my table as centerpieces: a bunch of origami (made by a friend), smooth round rocks, bowls of buttons, anything that draws me or guests to just absently start tinkering. I have fun noticing a guest talking and start playing or organizing sea shells–not even aware that he or she is doing that!

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