A week of stalking – Friday in the 60s

Posted on Fri, 4 Mar 2011 by midcenturyjo

The Sixties baby! Sophisticated, sexy, open and radical radial plan. Design classics, indoor plants and a koi pool. What else could a stylin’ Sixties aficionado want? I wonder if they leave the curtains open or perhaps there is a high front fence because I would be walking and stalking past this original beauty every day with craned neck and tongue hanging out. Too cool! Link for this Centennial Park, Sydney home here while it lasts.

Leone says:

Very, very cool and groovy! Except for the koi pond…it's lovely but koi give me the heebie jeebies!

Amanda says:

I would LOVE to live in a retro house like this. That is so awesome!

what a stylish place.. but how does one keep the kids from jumping into that pool?? doesn't look too safe to me. xx meenal

Auie says:

this is my kind of house.. indoor garden, very open… yupp.. i'm loving this one! too bad, this isn't the kind of house you put in wellington.. 😀 love it

Georgia says:

Very groovy baby. I like that even though it's very 60s, it also looks really modern. Not sure about that Koi pond though- but at least it would keep the cats entertained, the dog could paddle in it and always somewhere to drown the children when they become too annoying.

Danielle says:

Love the openness of it!! Also, kinda funny because I recently did a post about the 60's. Here it is if you're interested…

Jo, You've outdone yourself with this find.

Happy weekend!


Tom says:

Very cool!

holland says:

Reminds me of the swingin' house at the center of the Peter Sellers flick "The Party." There's even a Facebook page dedicated to the movie.

Love the 60's style bedroom,simple and fashion!

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