I tought I saw a wabbit!

Posted on Thu, 21 Apr 2011 by midcenturyjo

Yes it’s true. I was stalking today and came across what I think is the blogosphere’s first sighting of the Easter Bunny. Standing guard over the stunning home of architect Sharon Fraser.  Modern and minimalist the house achieves a balancing act between pure white box form and everyday family needs. Look carefully at the aerial view and you will see a minimalist cubby house perfect for the littlest family member and all watched over by the giant red rabbit sculpture by Peter McLisky. I’m seriously in love with this house. The minimalism married with the whimsy all wrapped up in the fact that it sits high on a ridge behind the Northern New South Wales coastline in Federal, sigh, perfect… and it has a conversation pit! The house is called “Amileka” which if I had $6.75 million I’d be changing the name to “home”. Link here while it lasts.

mbwife says:

That is the most ruthless editing of color I have ever seen. Ever.

Pearl says:

On one hand I find this amazingly beautiful, but on the other, amazingly hard and sharp edged.

Sparky says:

Hahaha, thanks, I really needed the chuckle your title gave me today! Lovely home. ;o) ~Sparky

there is something to be said for long billowy curtains on a windy day and giant openings.

Kelsi says:

I am swooning for the obvious movement of those curtains. What a wonderful feeling to sit on a sofa or dining chair and FEEL a breeze of fresh air swirling through your home. Not something us folks in Wisconsin get a chance to experience very much. =)

Do you know, albeit it probably a staple for modern design and, to that degree, an admirable work of interior intellect, I could never live in somewhere like this. Its beautiful to look at but homes, no matter traditional or contemporary, are homes and am I the only one who thinks this looks a little boxy?

But I do love your alluding to the 'wabbit'! That made me smile!

F x

This an excellent example of using design to bring the outside in. It looks so airy and beautiful. Love it.

-Forever Lovely

Kris says:

Hahaha … funny that you would call it 'wabbit', my little cousin used to say that when he was two too. And i like the house too, though it seems a bit bare … more greenery would be nice.

This is beautiful. So tastefull and simple – yet exciting. Love the outdoor fireplace

I am absolutely in awe and in love with this home, it is a real treasure of contemporary architecture and design. Thanks for this beautiful discovery and the Bunny scupture is terrific.

All the best,


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