Tilton Fenwick

Posted on Fri, 22 Jul 2011 by midcenturyjo

It’s pattern on pattern, colour, layering, bold and quirky touches. It’s casual yet chic, elegant but slightly screwy. It’s WASP chic with a kick of fun, high and low and just darned pretty. It’s interior design duo of the moment Suysel DePedro Cunningham and Anne Maxwell Foster of Tilton Fenwick.


I LOVE the 2nd picture! Beautiful!

homestilo says:

Someone is certainly not afraid of pattern! I really like the table setting and the mix of print and textures there.

Damaris says:

LOVE everything about Tilton Fenwick's design. Every room is a treat and I find a new detail every time I look at your work! Loving it!

So pleased that antiques by zaar has a piece showcased in the Tilton Fenwick gallery…..can't wait to see thier room in the show house!

Bev65 says:

Aaaaagh, my eyes,!my eyes! JK
Seriously though, that's a whole lotta pattern going on.

Love the playfulness in her spaces. The fabric in the first room… wonderful. Hope you have a great weekend!!

polish chick says:

aeeee! that first matching lamp and chairs has hurt my delicate sensibilities. the rest of the photos are a curious mix of enthusiastic "yes's" and shuddering "no's". orange chaise falls in the former category, while the two brown wallpapers are firmly placed in the latter. overall, i am firmly ambivalent.

emily rosnick says:

I absolutely LOVE Tilton Fenwick! Their attention to detail and beautiful color choices are genius!!!!

Wallpaper central!
Love that little owl C bedroom. It's cute in a stylish granny, cozy kind of way.

Chan says:

Im sorry but are you all blind? Or colour blind, these are all horrible interior spaces! Yuck.

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