Hump day inspiration

Posted on Wed, 10 Aug 2011 by KiM

It’s Wednesday, the middle of a VERY long week, and the 3rd week I have been acting for my boss while she’s been on holidays (GUESS WHO NEEDS SOME HOLIDAYS NOW??) My husband and I have not heard from our project manager for our house renos/addition in over 2 weeks, and we’re hoping ANY DAY NOW we’ll get our permits. I am having a hard time scoring some discounted bathroom fixtures and flooring. We’re still waiting to hear from the bank, something that was supposed to be simple and take 3 days has now been over 3 weeks. And my little sister turns 30 today. (30?? WTF???) I have to say, I did feel better for a few moments while looking through the website of Finnish magazine Avotakka (previously blogged here, back when I was also bitching about something or other).

Julia says:

DITTO THE NEED FOR A HOLIDAY SIS!!! And Happy Birthday Jen!!!

polish chick says:

i NEED that blanket in the third picture. any ideas? my life will be an empty wasteland if i cannot have it.

Karin says:

The blanket is by Missoni Home

Cynthia says:

Where is the blanket from in the second photo? I absolutely love it!

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