Stalking in colour

Posted on Fri, 30 Sep 2011 by midcenturyjo

Take a terrace in Paddington, Sydney. Do the usual. Dark grey exterior. White interiors. So far just like your neighbours. Add black trims. Still like many of your neighbours. Fill with colourful furniture, rugs and great art. You’re narrowing down the locals who decorate just like you. Paint your kitchen in your face yellow. All of it. Everything. OK now you’re on your own! So much to love about this house. Some of it leaves me scratching my head. Does anyone know if the pyramids of fruit are pieces of art, housewarming presents or early “Christmas trees”? Link while it lasts here.

Katarina says:

Amazing colours! I especially love the bedroom with the Tin Tin posters! Absolutely amazing…
Love K

homestilo says:

I really like how they use red to keep the bedrooms uniform (and really enjoyed your commentary on this one!)

acpgee says:

Love the carpet in the surfboard picture. Do you know who makes it?

tania says:

A breath of fresh air, so sick of everyone being so neutral and tasteful, this is fun. I'd put up with the yellow as I'd be using it as a holiday house if the budget stretched that far.

xenchik says:

I can't explain my response to this one … yellow is far from my favourite colour but just looking at that kitchen made me break out in a huge grin! I may not keep the splashbacks but the cupboards can stay – they would make me happy every day! The suns on the ceiling can be burned as a sacrifice to the style gods, though – some design wrath might be meted out just in retaliation to their existence 😛

diane says:

Much too heavy on the shiny black motif. I like the shiny black fire place, and maybe some of the doors and window mouldings, but why give so much weight to those giant louvered closets? And the black tile floor really gets me down. The tiled bedroom gives off the strangest vibes, a combo reminiscent of Nagel prints, The Peach Pit from 90210, a day care classroom, and some nautical elements thrown in for good measure. Too much! But on a positive note, design like this is so fun to look at respond to.

Jenny says:

I think I like this house, but the distorted-perspective, quasi-HDR photography really detracts and I can't focus on anything else except that my eyeballs hurt from straining to focus.

Sim says:

I simply love the backyard ! Love how open it feels..

mattb says:

I really don't like those real estate pictures, they over light all the pictures to sell better, it doesn't work for me.
And about the House, yellow, let's just say, is a matter of taste 🙂

Ali says:

I love the yellow, and the sunshine light fixtures!

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