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Posted on Thu, 20 Oct 2011 by midcenturyjo

Gesamtkunstwerk. It’s about a totally integrated work of art, a holistic approach to design. Think about the architectural design of a building combined with interior design, furniture design, art and so on. Everything is considered for the whole. OK enough of the design lesson. Let’s look at this fab modern redesign, the latest residential project by Andy Martin Studio. It’s Andy’s family house in Notting Hill Gate. The existing 2 level mews house was redeveloped into a 4 level family home.  A simple historical facade  opens onto a space that it not expected. A space that is modern and considered, where solid plays against void, light against heavy, smooth against texture. But driving it all is the need for a family space, a workable albeit stylish home.

i love the wood on the walls.

Supal says:

I love the little details and the champagne cooler/holder

rachel says:

LOL at the bath faucet. Love it!

Mike says:

The coffee table is actually from B&B Italia. It's the Fat Fat series.

Valeria says:

my bad! of course is B&B Italia, i thought was talking about the little black one!

eric says:

The lamp in photo #6, I see it everywhere, it was in another post a few days back too. Anyone know what it is?

KiM says:

eric, it is the Arco lamp by Flos from Castiglioni.

eric says:

thanks Kim!
I even saw it in Flynn's virtual loft in Tron Legacy. It has been stalking me!

brockway says:

What is the flooring in the bathroom?

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