Magnus Anesund part one

Posted on Thu, 16 Feb 2012 by midcenturyjo

Two homes today from the portfolio of Swedish photographer Magnus Anesund. What I love most about Magnus’ work is the attention to the personal detail. The photos are like looking into the heart of the family that lives in each home. The first one an urban hangout for a creative family. It is almost like we are nosing around this home while the owner is making tea in another room. We’re carrying on a conversation but our eyes are darting everywhere drinking it all in. Great photos.

yard signs says:

Such a beautiful house.. The work station in particular looks really good. I liked that art of faces you have on walls..

Wow I feel slow today. So confused until I realised that wire art was 3D

Nina Valentina says:

Does anyone know the name of that coffee table and where I may find it?

oaklandlw says:

Any chance of finding out where the desks are from? I realize this post is years old, but I love the style and wonder if the company would still make a similar design.

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