Alia Bengana – part 1

Posted on Thu, 19 Apr 2012 by KiM

Alia Bengana is a French architect from Algiers currently based in Paris who kindly sent us photos of a few of her unpublished projects to share with our readers. This first project is the complete refurbishment and division of a 195 square metre Parisian apartment into 2 separate apartments. This is great – I dig the mid-century/modern/vintage feel, that marble bathroom is heavenly and helloooooooo herringbone floor!

great! real houses! I love the shelves on the fireplace wall: great solution!

What a great space. Every room in this house is just spectacular.

superdutch says:

I not likey the kitchen too much, even though my preference is for very modern, slick kitchens. But the rest! PHWOARRRR! Me likey seriously. Please leave the key under the doormat, I will be there asap.
Ms Bengana, compliments on a job very well done!

Tellis says:


The attention to the details and proportioning of elements is excellent. Great composition of materials. Beautiful.

alice says:

I'm not usually crazy about minimalism, but there is a warmth to much of this house that is really appealing – while still being minimalist. That's an achievement, I'd say!

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