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Posted on Thu, 19 Apr 2012 by midcenturyjo

If my last stalking home left you cold with its unsympathetic, icy and bland extension (you were cruel in your comments) then perhaps this North Carlton house might be just what you were hoping for. It’s another “mullet” house. That’s a new term I heard for this type of renovation. Like a mullet hairstyle or dress. Short/small in the front and long/large in the back. This house though…. oh the boho meets contemporary style vibe. And a great kids house too. I would love to see this one shot magazine style. Those wide angle photos and artificial lighting are so unflattering. Link here while it lasts just don’t pass out when you see the price

Christy says:

This house was featured on the design files a while ago ( – Check it out for lots more pics. It really is to die for …

Andrea says:

I"m crazy about the outdoor space in this home. The courtyard pass through in the middle of the house is amazing.

Mariana says:

Love it!

Where's the price??!! I can't see the price. Is it my domestic blindness playing up again?

M says:

The house of my dreams! 😉

Gorgeous!!!! Love it!
Have a wonderful weekend!

selina says:

Beautifully executed inside/outside living. Love the pink courtyards and the sleek deck/veranda. The modern lines are repectful of the houses's past. I agree with you the lighting and the photography let this beauty down somewhat.

Gawker says:

I really like the backyard and the pink walls

oregonbird says:

I want to be Lola.

alice says:

Downlights are so not boho! Overall, meh. This is like a kinda sanitized, up-market version of faux-hemianism: what someone who has heard about "boho style" but isn't really bohemian at heart would live like.

alice says:

Though to be fair, they'd surely sucked some of the character out of the place in order to prepare it for sale. And the lighting, as noted, sure isn't doing the space any favors! Still, I think the renovation itself is rather chilly and characterless, overall.

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