Notre Maison

Posted on Thu, 19 Apr 2012 by midcenturyjo

Beachside living with a contemporary vibe. A touch of ethnic chic, lots of warm natural materials against clean whites. Crisp and fresh like the sea air. No seaside cottage cliche here. Hand crafted materials, found objects, organic elements. The perfect retreat. Beth Dillard of Notre Maison in Rosemary Beach, Florida.

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HomeClick says:

This home's decor has a very calm and soothing appeal to it. I like it.

Maric says:

This is beautiful! i can say its one of my dream home.

Seph says:

It is gorgeous! I have no idea how I would keep all that white clean though. \

Ada says:

The bones are beautiful, the furniture is classic. But I'm afraid I like bohemian an colour drenched spaces a lot more than white/blue/neural aesthetic!

Table Designing says:

great design i like this

charleigh cassidy says:

I like this layout just like I would like what the runway models wore at a fashion show. For its artistry. It's use of color(though sparse in the design… because of the light the atmosphere provides and the less color the more the light can pour in and bounce off of itself…), pattern, texture and creative style.
You have to take into account all of the contributors to the design. No one goes to an antique car show to scoff and bring up something negative such as poor gas mileage. The cars are there to be beheld.
We are supposed to behold what the artist put together. What they designed and took the time to plan and create.
And I don't mean to say that this design, or any for that matter, is merely just for art and display. Designs like this are plausible in reality. Unlike wearing an extravagant Gucci work of art of an outfit (odd that they would be referred to in the industry as "pieces") to work or driving an antique Chevy as your everyday car- these are things we just don't do.
But do we use pieces like the one above as a template to decorate our homes?
Especially if the design and creativity matched your personality or sparked your own creativity.
Someone with this kind of home or that rents out a beachouse at least could really give it a greater sense of beach property.
Or something.
Either way, the clean lines and space created with the white, complemented by the downplay of colors- nothing too loud or sharp.
The use of texture is a lovely touch (hint: the table in the last picture on the right).
So if you didn't like it, it's not because it's bad.
It just didn't suit you.

Anna says:

Oui, c'est trés beau!

kelly177 says:

The house is full of lights from nature, very eco-friendly, and I just like that!

Vanesa says:

good!!! man

tuyen dung says:

Saved as a favorite, I really like your site!

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