Antonio Virga

Posted on Mon, 27 Aug 2012 by midcenturyjo

Essence of form and function. Beauty in the purity of design. Pared back and understated but high on style and impact. Minimalist in a rustic context. Clean lined and spare within the historic. It is about domesticity distilled to its simplest essence and placed carefully within the existing character of the building. Italian born, Paris based architect Antonio Virga.

WyGal says:

Those dark floors are GORGEOUS!!

oregonbird says:

Less is so much more. I love the glass door/wall to the kitchen, and the strangely schoolroomish bed/bath combo. Ledges will always read primitive to me — a raised, flat surface without the basic sophistication of defined purpose? Excellent.

Mike says:

I can appreciate this but I still don't like it . It lacks any personality . I am thinking "nobody" from "nowhere" lives here 🙂

mrswoo says:

The glass doors to the first kitchen – beautiful though they are – do look as if the will crash into the chairs at the dining table – especially if someone is sitting in them.

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