Diane Bergeron update

Posted on Wed, 14 Nov 2012 by KiM

It has been eons since Jo blogged Melbourne-based interior design maven Diane Bergeron. I stumbled upon her portfolio recently and was once again intrigued. A riot of colours and patterns characterizes her energetic and inviting spaces. This is eye candy at it’s finest.

This was a favourite back in ’08 with the first post and it’s still a HUGE favourite of mine. I’ve always loved the idea of having a massive library as a dining room.

So fresh!

Hey, I hav a blog post request! Blair Waldorf's office in the latest Gossip Girl season. It is magical 🙂

Pleeeaaaase <3<3<3

Priti says:

Amazing combination of colors….love the rooms in orange and the last one with green staircase. 🙂

Carly says:

Love the black and white rug in the 4th and 5th image! Would you have any idea where it is from? Just gorg.

Melanie says:

Love that kitchen! Especially the cup rack over the sink. I want to get right in there and make strong coffee and pancakes on a weekend.

studiobmk says:

Absolutely in love with that huge library! amazing the mix of prints and the rugs!

Jasmine says:

Loving ALL the rugs. So amazing. And the yellow "lattice" in the dining room is brilliant.

Allison says:

I love the use of colour. And those chevron rugs! Great inspiration in this post.

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