Stalking a dog house

Posted on Tue, 11 Jun 2013 by midcenturyjo

Not a kennel. No it appears that this Paddington, Sydney house is the inner city pad of a very cool and very fluffy dog about town. Very cute! Both the terrace house and the dude in the fur coat and dark glasses. Talk about a ham! Link here while it lasts.

Ragnhild says:

This is exactly the kind of Victorian house I would like to live in in Melbourne! So light and beautiful. Maybe not suitable for a student though, haha 🙂

Kristy says:

My kind of style!!!


I like the worn out mirror in the bedroom. The back patio on this house is nice too I love how the living room completely opens up to it.

Penny says:

While the terrace looks lovely, can I just say that I think we need to declare an amnesty on those tolix (style) chairs and stools.

I can't look anywhere without seeing them. Talk about over-exposure!

oregonbird says:

Another vote for the worn-out mirror — someone had a stroke of genius. The living room is lovely, but it seems a waste of space; you know everyone is heading for the casual room and its patio. I'd turn that into a library within a day of moving in… I am moving in, right? The dog stays?

Bet that isn't the usual bar. One wag, and it's goodbye gin and cognac!

Oh Paddo, how you call my name!

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