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Posted on Thu, 31 Oct 2013 by KiM

I couldn’t get enough of industrial vibe spaces today, so here is a fantastic kitchen remodeled by my favourite Amsterdam designer James van der Velden of Bricks Amsterdam. Concrete and reclaimed wood – be still my heart!

Michelle de la Vega

Posted on Thu, 31 Oct 2013 by KiM

Michelle de la Vega is a Seattle based visual and installation artist, designer and welder and I love her. I recall her ‘mini house’ made a tour around blogland back in 2010 when it was featured in the NY Times. I stumbled across her website recently and realized we have never plugged her before so I figured better late than never, especially since she is the queen of industrial/re-purposed design and I LOVE that. First up is a house she remodeled. This is industrial design at it’s finest. I have dreams about finding a massive industrial vintage sink like this one. It really is the highlight of this kitchen. 

Here is Michelle’s mini house that is actually a converted garage with a small addition. YES – a one-car garage (before photos here). Industrial chic is what this is, and it’s so freaking cute. Especially the kitchen. I could never live in a space this small but I would totally take this converted garage in it’s entirety and put it on the back lot at my sister’s cottage and hang out there every summer. 

Get organized!

Posted on Thu, 31 Oct 2013 by KiM


Being organized, especially in a small space, is SO important. I know all too well, living in a space that’s under 1000 sq ft with NO closets. NONE. Not having a spot for everything makes me crazy. Having 2 jobs keeps me really busy and when I get home, I need things organized and out of sight to maintain my sanity. One of my organization projects was my dressing room. It was done on the cheap as a temporary project and worked out really well but I cannot wait to have a proper dressing room with SPACE and a spot for everything. California Closets are a company I have grown to love over the years and will be scoping out their closet design solutions as they carry everything you could need in styles ranging from traditional to modern. To have shelving for all of my footwear from boots to pumps, long and short hanging space, drawers for storing undergarments (right now I use storage boxes – really not ideal) and jewelry and belts….oh the possibilities!!!

California Closets don’t stop at closets – they even have storage solutions for garages, entryways, media centres, wall beds, pantries and offices. Could I ever use a decent office set up! Right now I use a tiny desk stuck in the space between the end of my kitchen cabinets and the side table next to my sofa. These guys have home office design solutions that will create the perfect spot for each and every pen, paper, bill and other crap that seems to accumulate around your desk. *sigh*

This post is in partnership with California Closets but all opinions are my own.

Stalking when I grow up

Posted on Thu, 31 Oct 2013 by midcenturyjo

One day, when I grow up, I will own an old house with amazing period features, in an overgrown jungle of a garden, a stone’s throw to all the inner city action. Leadlights and archways, fireplaces and sunrooms, winding stairs and balconies with potted plants, a rooftop conservatory and sundeck with views to the city skyline. It will have a name like “Friars” and I will fill it with my treasures and be very, very happy. This could almost be my dream house. I’d just have to change that dining room. The curtains are killing me! Maybe some rugs in the living room. Get rid of the wall to wall carpeting. More books in the family room. Those shelves are screaming out to be filled. See I’m making plans already. Stalking in Centennial Park, Sydney. Link here while it lasts.


Grey, black and white

Posted on Wed, 30 Oct 2013 by KiM

This apartment is nothing fancy and isn’t too “out there”….it’s sort of JUST RIGHT. The colour scheme is right (grey $ white with black accents is always so good), the wood flooring and accent walls are gorgeous and add some warmth, the kitchen is picture perfect, and the subway tiles/stone keep things a bit more graphic than boring drywall. Yep, I could settle in quite nicely here. Again via The Village