Saturday morning coffee

Posted on Sat, 18 Jan 2014 by midcenturyjo

A ritual. A habit. An obsession. Saturday morning coffee. Do you jostle for a seat or grab a takeaway? Place your order. Flick through a well thumbed newspaper while you wait.  A quick pit stop or a more of a linger? You tell yourself it’s all about the coffee but the coffee bar is important too. It’s got to be cool, a little edgy, small because it’s your little secret. A serious case of coffee bar love when it comes to the work of Melbourne based design studio Larritt-Evans.

Xanya says:

It's very true- there is something very satisfying about the perfect coffee at a place that provides the perfect cup, a familiar hello and well-designed surrounds.

Beautifully shot post of market lane coffee, it made me homesick for all things Melbourne.

Barbara says:

Makes any starbucks interior look like a yawn. This is beautiful.

Sparky says:

Zumo Coffee in Nelson, New Zealand was my favorite cup and hang out while there! xSparky

peggy says:

Cute coffee shop, but not a comfortable looking chair in sight.

It's hard to beat a little white brick! And the tile floor and copper shelving is fabulous squared.

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