Posted on Wed, 22 Jan 2014 by KiM

I have gone and done it again. I rescued a stray cat from the frigid -36 temperature here in Ottawa. Agnes (her temporary name I came up with last night) is now living in my bathroom and I am desperately looking for a home for her.

So far no one has offered to take her and in the next day or 2 I will have to either take her to the Humane Society or a cat rescue organization. I’m trying to avoid both. She was obviously someone’s pet at some point because she has no front claws. She is not microchipped and it appears she has not been spayed (WTF?!). I discovered she has a hernia in her belly that will need to be dealt with (a friend of my sister bless her heart has agreed to help pay for the surgery, as have I). I would keep her but when we lost Edgar and Cheeks in August and November, I swore to myself I would keep to the 5 we have, to maintain my sanity. Please pass this info along to anyone in Ottawa and help me find this sweet little cat a home. (And on a side note, if you have stray cats you’re feeding and it’s beyond freezing out like it is here, please think about at least letting them in until the weather warms up. No cat should have to be outside in this. It’s inhumane.)

Katie says:

I hope she goes to a good home, she's adorable! I wish I could have her, but alas we live in Melbourne Australia, going from -36 to 36 Celsius may not be the best thing for a fluffy cat. The name is cute too 😉

Esz says:

Oh my gosh YAY for Jasmine for having such a huge heart and taking her in. So good to hear a happy ending. 😀

Anni says:

Kim I left a couple of messages for you on facebook last evening right after your post got shared letting you know I was interested and would welcome her into my home. I lost my older gal not too long ago who was quite old and the baby who is about 7 now is lonesome for a buddy. I also left you a message on your other web site with my telephone number. So sad you didn't get those messages last night or earlier today.

KiM says:

Oh sorry Anni – I didn't see any of those messages. If things fall through with Jasmine I will email you. Thank you!

P.S. If she tests negative for all those awful kitty diseases and is in good shape to go to her new home, if anyone would like to help out with her vet bills with a small donation please let me know.

Claire says:

Such a lovely story, well done you guys for sorting this lovely girl out with a new home. I'm in the UK, so a bit far away to help, but seeing the trail of comments here has warmed my heart x

Marta says:

I hope the kitty found a home with Jasmine 🙂

This reminds me of something that happened back in 2000 – on the afternoon of New Year's Eve my then boyfriend (now husband) showed up on my doorstep with a kitty that looked just like this one – also declawed, in -25 Celcius weather (Montreal). The cat kept following him, meowing, and would not leave him – although it was clear that she was not a stray. Of course we took her in, but could't really keep her either (already had 2 or 3 cats in a small apartment). We put up signs, ads, called the SPCA – all to no avail. Finally kitty found a home (with my mom :), with whom she still lives happily to this day.

I hope your story will also have a happy ending 🙂

KiM says:

@Marta – awwwwwww 🙂

Liz says:

Please repost re. Donations when that time comes so we know. I'd like to pitch in.

KiM says:

@Liz – I will be this aft once I know the test results. Thank you!!

auzsha says:

I am interested in her if she hasnt been taken already could u pls email me couldnt find a contact for you?

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