Happy Friday!

Posted on Fri, 24 Jan 2014 by KiM

It has been a cat frenzied week and I am so glad it’s over and has a happy ending. I just got back the test results and Agnes is free of deadly kitty diseases so she will be going to her new home tonight! Her health is good – just had some ear mites and a haert murmur that turned out not to be anemia, but she does have a broken tooth that needs to be pulled, and her hernia and spaying (if she is indeed not spayed). If anyone would like to help out with a donation for these surgeries (I have paid her initial vet visit, along with some donations from my family), please let me know. Her new owner works for a non-profit and is very kind to be helping me out, so I want to give back if I can.

Happy Friday everyone!

The Selby

Romy says:

So nice to heard you found her a home!, I just rescued a kitten las Sunday, after my bad bad bad dog killed his brother and left him at my back door as a gift Now he is living in our front garden with our other 4 cats (Krakatoa, Tazmania, Nueva Zelanda and Sicilia) He is quite wild, actually I didn't know he was male till today when I was able to catch him while he was sleeping, as a male my father wants to name him Kalahari … not so sure about that name thought.

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