Monday’s pets on furniture – part 2

Posted on Mon, 4 May 2015 by KiM

If you would like to participate in this series photos, your name, location and a brief description can be sent to kim[@]desiretoinspire[.]net. Thanks!

This is Baxter, our 6 year old retired racing greyhound. When we adopted him, he had never lived in a home before and we had to teach him things like how to go up the stairs, and how to get on the sofa for a nap. He is a fast learner and this Pottery Barn sofa is now his favorite spot in the house, even though his long legs are always hanging off.
– Eric (Miami Beach, FL)

Thought I’d send you this shot of my Mac. She is enjoying the view from our IKEA ottoman 
– Laura

Here is our Ollie on the bed with some vintage German science posters behind her (jellyfish and potatoes!). She was just wrapping up a nice grooming session while enjoying the sun. 
– Jesse O.

This is Oliver 7 month old Whippet enjoying his favourite spot, on the sofa.
– Rob (Halfmoon Bay, British Columbia)

Cats on furniture
– Chuck (Mankato, MN)

Bear, the fluffy black cat, chose us on a very cold, blustery winter day. We have never looked back. Max moved with us from Shanghai, and adapted quite well to Canadian cat culture. He is no longer with us, but he lived a very large, intercontinental life.
1 – Bear sits atop a teak dining table, made in Thailand but purchased in Singapore.
2 – Max is sleeping below a wall of pictures, a collection of house pictures on the left and, appropriately, cat pictures on the right.
3 – Max in the kitchen with a Chinese chicken coop cabinet in the background.
4 – Bear atop a dansu, a favourite lookout spot.
– Joanie 

I wanted to give a quick update on my herd of ferals. Bernie, Frankie and Georgie are doing well and now that I have realized the power of food, they are progressing really well. Frankie used to spend all of his time hiding when I was in the boys room, and now he always comes out and wants to play with whatever toy I’m swinging around or to chase the laser pointer. 

Now that he wanders around, I was able to got a photo of his beautiful spots. He is so handsome! I also started letting Felix in the room with them, as they seemed very curious of the cats on the other side of the door. Felix is the most chill of my other cats and could not care less about the newbies, and it turns out none of the ferals care too much when he’s in the room with them. Yay! The other night while Felix was lounging on my sofa pillow, Frankie – the shyest of the ferals – walked right up to Felix and sniffed his face. It was a magical moment. 

Here is a demonstration of the power of Fancy Feast, as seen with Bernie. 

jane says:

awww, i love all the photos, as usual! what beautiful pets – and homes.

so kim, perhaps i missed a post, but are you keeping the ferals then? how many kitties does that give you, if so?

Ruth says:

Soooo glad pet on furniture Mondays are back on! Baxter and Mac crack me up. Kim, your Bernie photo with Fancy Feast on your lap looks just like the image of a tired but proud mamakitty.

Sylvie says:

Well done! I love the photo of Frankie sniffing your royal Felix (he is gorgeous! by the way!) Bravo!

KiM says:

nooooooooooo i am NOT keeping the ferals!!!! I am working on socializing them so I can actually manage to attempt to get them adopted out. I already have 5 (down from 7 2 years ago) so I am not really interested in adding to the herd. Although I will be totally heartbroken when these ferals go. They are all very sweet.

Cheryl says:

Pets on Furniture Parts 1 & 2 are fabulous!! Keep it coming.

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