Monday’s pets on furniture

Posted on Mon, 2 Nov 2015 by KiM

If you would like to participate in the Monday’s pets on furniture series please send photos, your name, location and a brief description to kim[@]desiretoinspire[.]net. Thanks!

Missing Wilma. Here she was on our sofa when she was healthy.
– Greta (Minneapolis)

This is Tootsie, a Mini Australian Shepherd who just turned one. Her favourite spot in the whole house is sitting on the bay window in our living room, looking outdoors – but every now and then she comes down and snuggles on our Ikea couch.
Nicole (Sudbury, Ontario)

My sister Jen (not the twin, the other one) finally took some phtoos off her memory card of her cats to send me. Her cats are both pretty special. Minnie the tabby was rescued from Taiwan by Jen’s friend when she was there teaching English. Then there is Carl, a Himalayan who was rescued from the veterinarian hospital where our cousin worked. He had some bowel issues and Carl’s owners gave up after about $2K trying to find a “cure” and asked for him to be euthanized. The vet intead asked them to sign the cat’s ownership over to them and he lived in the office for amonth until they finally nursed him back to health. My sister offered to take him and he is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen. 

Hi-Fi adore le confort de notre salle de bains…
– D & B (France)

Here is Oliver, hanging out on my Herman Miller chair, arms stretched out, peering out the window.
– Gary (Toronto) 

Ruth says:

LOVE Mondays!

RNC says:

Oh, Greta, I'm so sorry – Wilma was a real beauty. As are the rest of today's pets on furniture! Hi-Fi (what a great name) made me laugh out loud. He (she?) is definitely enjoying the comforts of the bathroom. (And nice sink!)

Dawn says:

Beautiful all, as always.

leigh says:

Love a Monday pets on furniture post. Such beautiful furry babies.

Axie says:

All gorgeous, of course! Love Tootsie- in a sea of cats!

Love my Tootsie girl 🙂 She almost looks well behaved haha!

Chelsea says:

Great group of photos this week! I love me some fluffy cats!

ombia says:

Great post today! I just can not iamgine that somebody would euthanize almost healthy cat!
Our feral kitty has similar problems and we need special food and everything but I am so happy to have her with us.
Dear Greta so sorry for your lost!

jane says:

omg! i have been missing Pets on Furniture… just so busy.

LOVE all of these furry friends, and the homes look amazing too!

I love Mondays. Those two cats get into a lot of places. Little rascals.

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