Stalking a beach shack

Posted on Thu, 25 Feb 2016 by midcenturyjo

The beach shack, an unpretentious bolthole, a daydream stamped into the collective consciousness of Australians. Escape on a Friday night and head to the coast. Reluctantly drag the family home in the fading Sunday sun. A seachange wish, a rite of real estate passage. Save up. Get a toehold on a hillside overlooking the surf. Build the shack… or buy this one perched between the sea and the National Park at Seals Rocks on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. A compound of interconnected shacks designed by Bourne Blue Architecture and for sale via BresicWhitney. Surf, sand and snoozing on the daybed by the window.

(It may look like a laid back escape but the price will stun you.)

Photography and floorplan by BresicWhitney

OMG. I would want to live there 24/7! I love the being outside and inside at the same time idea. Those vertically folding doors are brilliant. However, I lived in a house made of corrugated iron sheets, when I was in the Peace Corps in Africa. It was HOT and noisy.

wwax says:

The corrugated iron roofing is an acquired taste as an Aussie born & bred under corrugated iron, one of the things I miss most having moved to the US is the sound of rain on the iron roof. The good part is the iron cools down super fast at night with the sea breezes. I too would totally live here 24/7.

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